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Since 1957, Azure Acres Treatment Center has given hope to individuals struggling with substance abuse and its lasting effects. Azure Acres provides residents high-quality alcohol and drug abuse treatment near Santa Rosa, California.

Importance of Detox

The importance of detox for drugs

Defeating an addiction to substances can be one of the most challenging endeavors to take on. For many, there is an overwhelming compulsion to continue using one’s substance or substances of choice, as the abuse of drugs and/or alcohol can serve as a means of keeping emotional pain and withdrawal symptoms at bay. Tolerance for a particular substance can also develop, and, in some instances, an individual can become physically dependent on a drug or alcohol should this type of behavior remain ongoing.

When a person becomes physically dependent on a substance, also known as chemical dependency, it can be even more difficult to defeat an addiction. In the absence of one’s substance of choice, a person’s body will endure an uncomfortable and even painful process known as withdrawal as the individual’s system attempts to readjust to functioning without the substance present. Withdrawal can include several symptoms that can be both physically uncomfortable, psychologically distressing, and powerful enough to cause a person to begin using his or her substance of choice again and again. For these reasons and more, it is important for a person to seriously consider seeking professional treatment in order to win the war against an addiction once and for all.

When conducting research on the types of alcohol and drug detox treatment centers that are effective in helping people overcome an addiction, it is important to also consider options for care that are clinically proven to be helpful in treating addiction as well. Residential treatment, for example has helped countless men and women reclaim their lives from substance abuse. The effectiveness of residential treatment lays in the fact that this level of care offers time-tested interventions that have produced positive results for many individuals grappling with chemical dependency.

Detoxification, also known as detox, is a method of treatment offered in residential care and is among the interventions that can lay the foundation for long-lasting recovery. Detox is typically offered at the start of a person’s time in a residential treatment center, and it enables men and women to have their systems cleared of any substances that they were using. By receiving detox, an individual can then focus on other aspects of his or her recovery.

Benefits of Detox

Benefits of Detox at Azure Acres Treatment Center near Santa Rosa, CA

Receiving alcohol and drug detox at the beginning of treatment is a great first step towards sobriety. This treatment method can provide men and women with many benefits as they work towards the recovered and healed lives they deserve. The following are but a few examples of those benefits that would otherwise not be received if detox services do not occur:

  • Cravings for continued substance use are alleviated.
  • The physical symptoms of withdrawal are minimized through the use of pharmaceutical interventions administered by medical personnel.
  • The dangerous effects of ongoing substance use are decreased.

Medical professionals, including physicians, nurses, and nurse practitioners, supervise detox services and can monitor the health of those who partake in it. The pivotal benefit in having the assistance of such professionals during this type of treatment is that they are able to preserve the health and well-being of all who participate in it.

Unfortunately, there are those who do not engage in care that includes detox and remain trapped in the seemingly unending cycle of substance abuse. When this is the case, these men and women are likely to develop more severe addictions, require more of their substances of choice in order to experience the high they want, and remain at risk for experiencing withdrawal and overdose. Withdrawal, as it has been stated, is an overwhelming process, and an overdose as a result of substance abuse can be fatal if medical attention is not sought in a timely manner. However, these effects, as well as the other consequences, can be mitigated all together by engaging in proper treatment.

When selecting a treatment center to defeat an addiction to a substance, it is important to consider one that offers programming that includes evidenced-based methods of care. Residential treatment, for example, supplies the much needed elements of care that are necessary when working towards recovering from an addiction. Detox is one of these elements and can help men and women alike make great stride in their journeys towards sobriety.

Seeking Treatment

Why seek treatment for addiction at Azure Acres

Azure Acres Treatment Center is a leading provider of rehab and addiction treatment for men and women and offers the exemplary care that has positively changed the lives of numerous individuals who were facing the challenges associated with addiction. This center employs a multidisciplinary team of professionals who have years of experience in treating those who are struggling with addiction, and facilitate treatment with an unmatched dedication to helping people win the war against addition.

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