Our Partial Hospitalization Program

At Azure Acres, our partial hospitalization program (PHP) is the second step of treatment. Our programming is designed to be a step-down process in which individuals gain greater success in their recovery, and are given increased opportunities to exercise their independence and sobriety skills.

Continuum of Care

During PHP, individuals begin to have greater freedom with their time and begin the slow and gradual process of transitioning back into independent life. Our PHP program is designed specifically to complement our residential treatment, so we are unable to accept individuals into our PHP program if they have not completed residential treatment with us.

Our PHP Treatment Therapies

Although it is intended as an opportunity for residents to experience greater independence, the PHP program still provides residents with a significant amount of support. Residents in the PHP program continue to live on-site in our beautiful and serene cabin in the woods, and will continue to follow a regular schedule that includes individual therapy, groups, family interventions, and experiential therapies, as described below:

Individual therapy: As during the residential portion of treatment, individual therapy during PHP provides residents with an opportunity to receive one-on-one support and discuss issues in greater depth than they are able to during groups.  Residents in PHP continue meeting with their primary counselor at least once per week for individual therapy sessions.

Family therapy: During the PHP program, residents continue to have the opportunity to benefit from family education groups and the intensive family program. Consistent with our belief that addiction recovery requires the support of the entire family, we are happy to continue providing family services during PHP.

Groups: Groups continue to be a primary component of treatment during PHP. Individuals in the PHP program benefit from the consistency of being able to attend the same groups that they attended during residential treatment.

Experiential therapy:  Experiential therapies such as qigong, expressive arts, and role-playing continue to be an important part of treatment during PHP. Taking place weekly, these activities allow individuals to benefit from many different types of healing practices.

Weekly Schedule

Depending on each resident’s needs, PHP typically lasts for about 30 days. The PHP program at Azure Acres incorporates a strong focus on 12-Step principles and a highly experienced and compassionate treatment staff. Weekdays in the PHP program are filled with groups, various therapies, and opportunities to connect with and be supported by other residents. Weekends provide a chance to continue building recovery skills while also resting and relaxing.

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