Our Mission & Philosophy


It is the mission of Azure Acres to provide superior care to all who choose to heal with us, and to foster an environment in which all employees will identify with, believe in, support, and maintain the following core values:

Respect – for our residents and their families, for our colleagues, and for our community
Integrity – in every decision that we make
Accountability – to our residents and their families, to our colleagues, and to ourselves
Excellence – in every task we perform


It is the philosophy of Azure that there are various types of substance abuse problems that require different treatment approaches. The less severe forms are much more frequent and tend not to persist. Often, these do not require abstinence or even formalized clinical care. But the more severe forms are chronic, relapsing illnesses that necessitate a complete, continuous disruption of use. Among those who suffer from the latter, any attempt at controlled using is highly unstable and will inevitably lead back to biological, psychological, and spiritual distress.

For individuals who struggle with a substance use disorder, there is no such thing as one drink or an occasional high. Like a sleeping tiger, the disease continues to grow while in remission, and the use of any mood-altering substance will reawaken the full force of the beast.

Additionally, Azure believes that, for individuals who are dealing with a substance use disorder, abstinence is a necessary but insufficient response. In order to see improvements, individuals often have to enter into a process known as recovery. To this end, any treatment that helps clients attain this goal is supported. 12-Step philosophies and facilitation, though, are considered the most attainable and effective way to recover.

Since 1935, alcoholics, and later addicts, have turned to the principles of 12-Step programs, which include surrender, honesty, humility, and acceptance to treat the diseases of addiction and alcoholism. We believe strongly in the power of the 12-Step model to guide individuals in crisis along the path of lifelong recovery.

Addiction makes us look, feel, and act in ways we never would have imagined if we were sober. Because of drugs and alcohol, we become physically, emotionally and spiritually bankrupt. Azure encourages clients to learn from the collective wisdom of the fellowship of recovery, and we promote education and the application of those principles even in the initial moments of treatment. Also, considering the near ubiquity of 12-Step programs in the communities to which our residents will return after completing treatment, there is no known alternative that rivals the potential for life-long social support and the simple, pragmatic approach to living that these fellowships offer.

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At Azure Acres, client care and well being comes first and foremost always. The entire staff has incredible compassion for all who come in for help and I instantly felt at home there — something I have never felt in other recovery centers.

– Former Patient