With our more than 60 years of history and a focus on lifelong care, it is no surprise that Azure Acres has a vibrant alumni community.

When you enter treatment at Azure, you join a community of people committed to living lives free from the influence of substances. In fact, our active alumni community, now more than 20,000 strong, is a critical part of what makes Azure unique.

We recognize that sobriety is a lifelong pursuit and we are committed to continuing to serve our residents even after they have completed initial treatment with us. We believe that the path to recovery and freedom from substances must be walked alongside others. As such, we are committed to building a strong alumni community. After a resident completes our program, we contact them one week, 30 days, 90 days, and then each year afterwards to check in on them and receive updates about their progress. In addition, we also offer regular alumni events organized by our dedicated, full-time alumni services coordinator and are continually expanding our community outreach and alumni offerings.

The second Friday of every month, we host an alumni panel where alumni speak with residents about treatment and life after treatment. In addition, we also host an alumni dinner every second Sunday of the month where alumni can gather, reconnect with each other, and support each other in their recovery journeys. For those who would like more regular involvement with other alumni, we also hold an aftercare meeting every Thursday night.

In addition to our monthly events, we also hold an annual alumni picnic that is usually attended by a few hundred Azure alumni. These picnics provide a chance for alumni and their families to come together, enjoy each other’s company, and celebrate. Alumni picnics are often a highlight of the year for many of those who intend on coming.

At Azure, we believe in two fundamental truths: first, that recovery from substance abuse is possible, and second, that recovery is a lifelong journey that must be undertaken alongside others. While residential treatment is a critical first step towards a life free from substance abuse, at Azure we are dedicated to walking alongside you and bringing you into a community of like-minded individuals who can support you as you enter your new life of sobriety.

If you are interested in attending any alumni events, please contact Jenna Modzy at

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At Azure Acres, client care and well being comes first and foremost always. The entire staff has incredible compassion for all who come in for help and I instantly felt at home there — something I have never felt in other recovery centers.

– Former Patient