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Azure Acres Treatment Center has helped individuals struggling with addiction build a strong foundation for long-term recovery since 1957. Azure Acres provides high-quality alcohol and drug abuse treatment for adults near Santa Rosa, California.

Learn More About Addiction Treatment

Learn more about addiction treatment at Azure Acres Treatment Center in Santa Rosa, CA

At Azure Acres Treatment Center near Santa Rosa, CA, we are extremely familiar with the impact of substance abuse. For more than five decades, we have been helping rehabilitate people to escape the chains of substance abuse and addiction. In addition to being experts in the field, many of the professionals who staff our program also have personal experience with substance abuse and addiction. As a result, we are able to provide life-changing treatment, and our specialized drug & alcohol rehab programming has helped thousands of individuals overcome the compulsion to abuse alcohol and/or other drugs.

Substance abuse is a general term that describes a wide range of behaviors related to the intentional misuse of alcohol or other drugs. Substance abuse can refer to a single occurrence, such as smoking marijuana, or an extended series of behaviors, such as a long-term pattern of drinking alcohol past the point of intoxication. Substance abuse can include the misuse of legal substances such as prescription medications as well as the abuse of illegal drugs such as heroin. And the term can be applied both to the misuse of drugs for purposes of self-medication as well as the abuse of the same or other substances solely for a recreational high.

One of the common characteristics of virtually all forms of substance abuse is that the action puts an individual at risk for both immediate and, if continued, long-term damage. Substance abuse can cause physical damage, cognitive deficiencies, and psychological problems. When substance abuse turns into dependence, the presence of a substance use disorder can cause a person to prioritize the acquisition and use of drugs over his or her responsibilities to his or her family, job, and continued financial wellbeing.

How to Help a Loved One

Helping a loved one get treatment for drug addiction

Discovering that someone you care about has been engaging in substance abuse may cause you to worry about his or her wellbeing. It may also prompt you to question his or her character, and reconsider the trust that you have put into this person. Hopefully, as you educate yourself about the disease of addiction, you will understand that the compulsion to engage in substance abuse is not a sign of poor character, but is a symptom of the serious disease of addiction.

Of course, issues of trust and honesty often plague the loved ones of individuals who have developed problems with substance abuse. Many effective rehab and treatment centers offer family education classes or family therapy sessions to help rebuild relationships and strengthen the bonds between individuals in recovery and their friends and family members. The presence of family programs emphasizes two important realities about substance abuse and addiction:

  • The impact of addiction is not limited to the person who has been engaging in substance abuse. Friends, family members, and others are often damaged by a loved one’s addiction.
  • Family members can play essential roles in the recovery effort. From prompting a loved one to get treatment to participating in family therapy to providing ongoing post-treatment support, the participation of family members can make the difference between continued substance abuse and long-term recovery.

Here are a few ways that you can make a lasting positive difference in your loved one’s life:

  • Research effective types of rehabilitation treatment
  • Identify programs that provide the care that your loved one needs.
  • Contact programs and talk to staff members about their ability to care for your loved one.
  • Get information on how best to approach the topic of treatment with your loved one.
  • When he or she agrees to get help, stay involved in his or her life.
  • Accompany your loved one to visit programs and meet with admissions advisors.
  • Arrange for childcare or address other issues that may prevent your loved one from entering treatment.
  • Attend family therapy and other programs while your loved one is in treatment.

Finally, prepare yourself for a long-term effort. The path of recovery is neither short nor straightforward, and residential care is just one step. Your loved one will need your continued support, especially as he or she learns to repair the damage that his or her substance abuse has caused, and learns how to navigate life without alcohol or other drugs. Plan to be at your loved one’s side every step of the way.

Why Consider Treatment

Why consider treatment for drug addiction at Azure Acres Treatment Center in Santa Rosa, CA

The impact of substance abuse can range from temporary incapacitation to long-term suffering, with the likelihood of irreversible damage or even death increasing as the behavior continues unchecked. The physical impact of long-term substance abuse can include damage to most vital organs, including the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, and pancreas. Substance abuse and addiction can also cause structural and functional brain damage, which can lead to decreased cognition, memory problems, impaired judgment, and other issues. With their bodies and minds weakened by substance abuse, individuals who are incapable of escaping the downward spiral will find it difficult if not impossible to maintain healthy relationships, perform to expectation at work, and meet their other responsibilities. As the downward spiral continues, the repercussions can include family discord, financial problems, chronic unemployment, legal problems including arrest and incarceration, homelessness, hopelessness, and pervasive despair. Yet all of this can be avoided with effective professional intervention and a strong post-treatment support network.

Types of Treatment

Types of drug addiction treatment offered at Azure Acres Treatment Center in Santa Rosa, CA

One of the most highly respected addiction treatment centers near Santa Rosa, California, Azure Acres is a pioneering provider of treatment for men and women who wish to defeat addictions to substances and the symptoms of co-occurring mental illnesses. For well over 60 years, this Sonoma County rehabilitation center has been supplying the life-changing care that has helped transform the lives of more than 20,000 individuals who were once trapped in the insidious cycle of substance abuse. Based on the 12-Step philosophy and offering truly comprehensive and individualized care, Azure Acres is a premier drug and alcohol treatment center where addictions stop and recovery starts.

In choosing this leading rehab center as the place to embark on the journey towards a recovered and sober life, residents receive the attention, interventions, and support they need to reach their treatment goals. Caring and dedicated staff members are there for residents each step of the way, and lend a helping hand or an ear to listen whenever residents need it. The following types of treatment are those featured at Azure Acres, and can be included into a resident’s personalized treatment plan:

Detox services: Residents who come to our center physically dependent on alcohol or another drug may require detox and rehabilitation services at the start of their care. When this is the case, we assist the men and women who come to Azure Acres by providing them with the treatment they need to make this process as comfortable as possible. If they are able to during detox, or once residents have finished detox services, they are welcome to participate in the programming offered in our residential program.

Individual therapy: As a means of providing our residents with the attention they deserve, individual therapy sessions are incorporated into each resident’s personalized treatment plan. At least one time each week, residents can meet with their assigned case manager to discuss their goals for recovering from substance abuse and chemical dependency, process their experiences in treatment, and work through any emotions that they are having. Additionally, residents are able to meet with the center’s case managers for individual support on a daily basis if they require it.

Family Program: At Azure Acres in Sonoma County, we believe family involvement is crucial when a person is working towards recovering from a substance use disorder, and we are proud to offer an invaluable family program. This program is offered 2 consecutive Saturdays each month and features education opportunities that inform loved ones about addiction and chemical dependency, the recovery process, and recovering from codependency. Process groups are also available so that family members and friends can share their stories, process their feelings, and speak in a healthy but candid manner about their experiences with their loved one.

Group therapy: Relapse prevention groups, psychoeducation groups, and 12-Step groups are among the types of group therapy opportunities offered at Azure Acres. We believe that residents are able to benefit from the support of others who have endured similar challenges with substance abuse and addiction, and we are pleased to provide forums in which they can offer and receive that support. Residents at Azure Acres Treatment Center participate in groups three times per day and learn about the following topics while in our care:

  • Forgiveness
  • Honesty
  • Anger
  • Denial
  • Anxiety
  • Codependency
  • Acceptance
  • Continuing care planning

Experiential therapy: In order to help residents heal their minds, bodies, and spirits, programming at Azure Acres includes weekly experiential therapy opportunities. These methods of care help our residents both express themselves and experience healing on a deeper level. The below listed experiential therapies are those we provide, and are those that can help residents break free from the vicious cycle of substance abuse:

  • Qigong
  • Role playing
  • Expressive arts

*Massages offered for an additional fee.

When a man or woman chooses to heal at Azure Acres Treatment Center, he or she will receive an individualized treatment plan that details the specific interventions that will help him or her achieve his or her recovery goals. The above methods of care are part of the world-class programming available at our rehab center, and are those that can be part of each resident’s treatment experience.

Upon completion of our residential alcohol & drug treatment, residents are welcome to participate in our partial hospitalization programming (PHP), and then step down to our intensive outpatient program. Furthermore, those who receive treatment at our center are able to benefit from our Alumni Services, which provide ongoing support to those who are graduates of Azure Acres.

At Azure Acres, located near Santa Rosa, CA, we are pleased to offer a full continuum of care so that men and women looking to recover from an addiction can achieve the sober lives they deserve to be living. If you or someone you care about would like to learn more about our services, feel free to give us a call. We can help you or your loved one leave substances of abuse in the past once and for all.

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I have been in and out of treatment for years and could not remain sober for more than a couple years sometimes no more than 60 days. I attended groups and one on one therapy with my counselor there and this time something magical happened for me there. Azure Acres saved my life -- check this place out if you are looking for treatment!

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