Addiction Stress Management

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Addiction recovery and stress management planning must be addressed in a proactive and positive manner when it comes to substance abuse rehabilitation. Stress being a part of all our daily lives make addiction recovery and stress management tools crucial to achieving a lasting recovery from substance abuse. Resistance to developing an addiction recovery and stress management plan greatly increase the possibilities for relapse.

There are many relapse and stress management activities that can be adopted to cope with stress in recovery that should be a part of your on-going daily relapse prevention plan. It is also crucial, that in recovery, you learn how to manage your time, set goals (both personal & professional), and ensure that you take time daily to relax and recuperate from the tension of daily living.

Often we have the feeling that we must make up for lost time so we overextend with job, family, friends or 12-Step commitments. Then we wonder why it is that we feel irritable, tired and experience urges to drink and use. If we over commit ourselves stress can elevate which can easily lead to skipping meetings and avoiding our much needed support groups. When this happens, boredom and restlessness can set in and a feeling of dissatisfaction with our recovery can become overwhelming.

The solution lies in setting realistic goals, following 12-Step directions, and utilizing recovery skills to find the right balance in work, play, meetings, friendship, hobbies, and commitments. It is important that your relapse prevention plan for addiction recovery and stress management works for you as we are all different.

Some activities that are critical to a relapse prevention plan are:

  • Some form of physical exercise
  • Regular practice of Step 11
  • Sharing and connecting with your support network on a regular basis
  • Attention to good diet and healthy nutrition
  • Regular time set aside on a daily basis to unwind & relax
  • A repertoire of leisure activities
  • Regular sleep and rest

It important also to know which situations, events times of year, etc., are most stressful for you, and develop a way to deal with those particular stressors. Be willing to ask for help from friends and family. Don’t take on too much work or overload yourself with service commitments. Take time out to relax and have fun. Don’t allow boredom to overwhelm you. Pursue fun and satisfying activities. Be flexible!!!

With a solid relapse and stress management plan in hand, your chances of relapse are greatly reduced and a life in recovery greatly enhanced. Always remember your relapse management plan to help you manage the stress that could spoil and otherwise successful outcome. A strong relapse prevention plan is key to a life long recovery from addiction.

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