Our Staff

Lynette Grelet

Director of Operations

Lynette joined the Azure Acres Team in 2007. She began in human resources but her natural curiosity and engaging personality led her to explore several roles with various departments within the company. She’s done everything from networking with other professionals and community resources in business development to overseeing the delivery of client care as Director of Support Services. In 2019, the totality of her experience was rewarded with a promotion to Director of Operations. Lynette now utilizes her immense knowledge of Azure’s history, culture, and inner-workings to optimize the patient experience and deliver the best possible treatment for everyone who seeks help under their roof.

In her spare time, Lynette enjoys outdoor activities with family and friends, especially when it includes traveling in her vintage 1966 travel trailer. She is an avid shopper and loves to apply her keen fashion sense to interior design and home décor.

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