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Jym Schmidt, SUDCC, RPS

IOP Counselor - Sacramento

Jym Schmidt has been with Azure Acres since June of 2021. He began working in the recovery field in 2018 and graduated from CCAPP as a Substance Use Disorder Certified Counselor and Gorski advanced relapse prevention specialist the following year. Over his career, Jym has dedicated his talents and energy to serving the underserved in homeless shelters, residential facilities, and intensive outpatient programs. He is also certified to work with the LGBTQIA+2 and HIV infected populations in acute hospital settings.

Crediting the life-transforming experience of his own recovery journey, Jym has devoted himself to helping anyone who might be ready to listen and learn. He is passionate about engaging and educating clients on how to remain sober and believes that awareness, radical honesty, authenticity and sincerity lay the foundation for meaningful change. Jym believes the ultimate reward of recovery is finding our true self and purpose and then giving it away to the masses. He strives to role models this one client, one day at a time. In recognition of his tenacious spirit of service, Jym received the Azure Acres Unstoppable Employee of the Year Award in December of 2021.

In his spare time, Jym enjoys yoga. Prior to his time in behavioral healthcare, he taught yoga on the Big Island of Hawaii and attended many yoga retreats and meditations on the island and the mainland.

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