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Audrey Mello

Director of Utilization Management

Audrey Mello joined the Azure Acres Team in 2006, bringing with her 17 years of diverse behavioral health experience. She held many positions during her tenure with Azure before arriving in the Utilization Management Department in 2013. Her knowledge of addiction treatment and excellent communication skills made her extremely effective at advocating for clients to their insurance companies. As a result, Audrey quickly rose to the position of Director of Utilization Management.  

 In her current role, Audrey serves on the facility leadership team, providing guidance and training across departments on various mission-critical protocols such as documentation quality, performance improvement, regulatory compliance, patient experience, and risk management. In addition to these duties, Audrey has also taken on the management of Azure’s outpatient services, helping ensure clients receive the best possible continuing care following their graduation from residential treatment. 

 Prior to joining Azure Acres, Audrey worked for private practice physicians and trained in respiratory therapy and radiology. She has an educational background in childhood development and elementary education. Her strong passion for serving her community has earned Audrey a seat on the board of several health-focused nonprofit organizations as well as invitations to be a guest lecturer for local university classes specializing in addiction. Her work experience is incredibly diverse, ranging from programs that provide equine therapy to disabled adults and children to organizations that offer trauma counseling to wounded veterans.  

 Audrey has dedicated her career to serving those who suffer from the devastating disease of addiction. Her primary focus is ensuring that every person who walks through the door obtains the education and support they need to access care and achieve a long-term life of recovery.

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