New Drug Drop-off Locations Popping Up Near Santa Rosa, CA

Drug drop-offs near Santa Rosa are helping curb opioid abuse

The increase in opioid abuse that the entire country is seeing is impacting areas of California at a rapid pace. An issue that has many sides to it, the widespread abuse of substances, including prescription painkillers, is negatively impacting families and communities within Sonoma County, Santa Rosa, and the surrounding areas.

It is no secret that prescription painkiller addiction can occur within all individuals, regardless of age, sex, race, religious beliefs, etc. The intensity of this widespread problem is wearing down medical resources and emergency response professionals, as there are more individuals in need of help than there are those who can provide it for them. Someone who is prescribed an opioid after a surgical procedure or injury is at greater risk for developing a dependency upon the prescribed opioid, even though he or she likely did not plan on that outcome. This often occurs because these medications possess highly addictive substances that can trigger the onset of physical dependency after just a few uses.

However, not all who consume prescription painkillers when provided them will develop a substance use disorder, though one should always remember that it is crucial to follow the prescribing guidelines offered by the physician when consuming a medication that is potent and addictive.

Despite the increase in prescription painkiller abuse within the area, there are ways to help mitigate its spread so that others within these communities are not negatively affected. For example, one effective method of preventing prescription painkiller abuse is by limiting access to these medications. Similar to other areas of the country, those within Sonoma County can utilize drop-off locations for medications such as prescription painkillers that are no longer being used, have expired, or simply need a safer place to go rather than down the drain or into a garbage bag at the end of the driveway.

These drop-off locations are effective in keeping prescription painkillers out of the local water supply, as well as away from children and pets who might accidentally ingest them and experience potentially fatal outcomes. When prescription painkillers are disposed of correctly, individuals within the area are limited in their opportunities to access them.

In support of decreasing prescription painkiller and other prescription drug abuse, Walgreens pharmacies throughout California are offering anonymous drop-off locations for the public to utilize. In addition, the drugstore is also supplying educational materials to help bring all residents in the area into the know regarding the dangers of opioid abuse. These materials can also be accessed through their website.

Those living within Sonoma County and the surrounding areas also have a number of other options for safely disposing of their medications at the following locations:

Creekside Pharmacy
95 Montgomery Drive

Dollar Drug
1055 W. College Ave

Santa Rosa Police Station
965 Sonoma Ave

By deciding to safely dispose of unwanted medications at a drop-off locations such as those listed above, you can have a hand in fighting back against opioid abuse within the great state of California, as well as keeping yourself, your home, and your loved ones safe.