Santa Rosa’s Drug & Alcohol Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program

At Azure Acres Treatment Center in Sonoma County, California, men and women alike can receive the transformative care they need to leave an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol in the past once and for all. We stand firm in our belief that chemical dependency is a treatable disease and that with a true commitment to recovery, a brighter, sober tomorrow is possible for anyone.

In choosing Azure Acres as the place the begin life without the constraints of alcohol and/or drug addiction, those entrusted into our care will experience an unparalleled treatment experience that fosters lasting recovery. Our center features a full continuum of care that enables residents to benefit from our staff’s expertise and ongoing support within each level of care available. At Azure Acres, we want nothing more than to help our residents reach their treatment goals, and we are proud to offer intensive outpatient programming as a follow-up to our renowned detox and residential treatment options.

One of Azure Acres’ two intensive outpatient programs (IOP) is located within 10 miles of our main campus in beautiful Santa Rosa, California. This program, which is available to men and women aged 18 or older, can be utilized as a step-down following the completion of our residential care. Additionally, this IOP can be beneficial to those who do not require residential treatment, but do need more support than traditional outpatient services can offer. Regardless of what brings a man or woman to begin our IOP, each resident will receive a personalized treatment plan that will include only the most appropriate outpatient treatment methods to meet his or her unique needs.

Among the methods of care that can be incorporated into a resident’s IOP treatment plan, the following are those that we are pleased to offer those who seek our outpatient services:

Individual therapy: Conducted by a resident’s primary case manager, individual therapy sessions can occur weekly or biweekly depending on the resident’s needs. These sessions can be an excellent time to process one’s experiences while in intensive outpatient treatment, establish goals for the present and future, and develop the skills needed to abstain from drugs and/or alcohol.

Family therapy: Led by our program director, family therapy sessions are offered every first and third Wednesday of each month. Given the fact that addiction can impact those closest to our residents, we are proud to facilitate family therapy sessions so that the loved ones of those we treat can experience healing, come to understand their loved one’s addiction, and learn how to effectively support the person they care about as they navigate the road to sobriety.

Group therapy: In continuing to help our residents receive the support they need, Azure Acres’ IOP features daily group therapy opportunities. For three hours each day, residents will be able to discuss various addiction- and recovery-related topics while encouraging one another and learning about others experiences. Among the various topics covered, the following are those featured within Azure Acres’ Santa Rosa IOP treatment:

  • Relapse prevention
  • Identifying triggers and barriers
  • Recovery foundation tolls
  • Healthy communication
  • Identifying and coping with feelings
  • Stress management
  • Impulse control
  • Introduction to the 12-Step concepts

The average length of stay in this outpatient treatment program is six weeks, and residents attend programming for three hours each day.

If you or someone you care about would like to defeat an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol and could benefit from the methods of care described above, feel free to contact us at your convenience. At Azure Acres, we look forward to helping you or your loved one make the changes needed to live a healthy and sober life.

For Azure Acres’s intensive outpatient program in Santa Rosa, California, please call us at 707-303-0527.

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