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Vanessa Gauthier, RADT


Vanessa Gauthier started as a Counselor at Azure Acres in October of 2022 after completing her RADT. She is a MSW graduate student and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies. Vanessa was initially inspired to work with trauma, mental health, and substance abuse patients by her own experience with addiction within her family.

Prior to her time at Azure, Vanessa’s main experience was in crisis management and interventions. She worked with foster youth and adolescents in residential care homes, as well as children who had experienced human trafficking. Vanessa also served as a Care Coordinator for Muir Woods, where she helped teens struggling with mental health and substance abuse issues.

While she enjoyed working with children immensely, Vanessa was eager to expand her experience into adult populations. She took a job at Crestwood, where she first met Ella Jackson, who is now Azure’s Clinical Director. Ella helped fuel Vanessa’s passion for working with substance abuse which ultimately led to her joining the Azure team.

Vanessa is hoping to learn all she can from the wonderful staff and clients at Azure Acres.

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